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May  1

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A City In Heaven – Official Release

Seventeen-year-old Ben Reuben recounts his grueling experience growing up with an abusive father and helpless mother in rural Texas.

March  1

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i'm nervous, but i'm finally going to publish some of my writing projects

I’m finally ready to share some of my projects with the world.

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September  1

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How to Install Scrivener on Debian

I love Scrivener. It’s one of my favorite bits of writing software for long-form writing. I also love Linux. Particularly, I love Debian running with KDE Plasma. If I can help it, it’s the only OS I use at work, school, and home. But Scrivener doesn’t make a Linux version. Let’s fix that. This tutorial assumes you know a bit about the Linux terminal. These commands are tested at the time of posting on a fresh install of Debian 12....