mossBiscuits: the hub

I make all sorts of interesting things, and this is a hub for all of them.


MossBiscuits is a publication that serves as a hub for all my projects. On this site, you can find links (below) to my other projects.

I will eventually publish my hobby programming and writing projects here as well, so keep an eye out for that. I’m getting ready to release a large volume of semi-literary works.

Landon J. Taylor: the professional one

I maintain a number of professional resources, largely related to my research pursuits.

Landon J. Taylor

Landon J. Taylor is my name. It is also a website about my professional life. On it you can find my CV, examples of projects I’ve worked on, and a summary of my academic career.

Whisker’s: the food one

My wife and I make a lot of food and share our recipes.


Whisker’s Inclusive Kitchen is our diet-inclusive recipe website. Everything there can be gluten-free!

Elemental Epistles: the philosophical one

I care a lot about having nuanced conversations about religion.


Elemental Epistles is a blog and podcast about how my spirituality and religiosity have changed over time. If you are viewing this website in the context of a potential employer, this website does disclose protected demographic information.

Documentation: the thoughtful one

I document a lot of my work, and I needed a place to put it.

MossBiscuits Documetation

MossBiscuits Documentation is a hub for all the documentation I have written about all and sundry. It’s a work in progress.

Reading: the literate one

I enjoy writing things, and I like to share what I’ve written.

MossBiscuits Reading

MossBiscuits Reading is a hub for my writing projects. I’m currently working on a novel, so keep your eyes out for that.

Stacked Queue: the patient one

I got sick of running around like a madman as a lab TA, so I made a thing to help.

Stacked Queue

Stacked Queue is a (currently) free queue management tool designed for computer science and engineering labs.