I do a ton of different things, and I am so excited to have a hub to showcase them all together under one proverbial roof. From a professional portfolio and coding projects to cooking and religious blogs, I hope MossBiscuits has something interesting to offer you.

What to Expect

As of now, my plan is for MossBiscuits to serve a number of purposes:

  1. Act as a central hub for my wide array of projects;
  2. Feature my projects that don’t currently have a better home (including writing projects, interactive web toys, documentation, and others); and
  3. Do some boring behind-the-scenes business involving my hosting provider.

Why Call It MossBiscuits?

I don’t know. The domain name was available and I guess it sounded catchy at the time. It’s kind of like when you get an email when you’re 12 and it ends up following you for the rest of your life. Moss refers to one of my favorite TV characters (from the IT Crowd), and I enjoy biscuits (of both the American and English variety).

Content Without Distractions

This is a passion project. I am not interested in receiving any financial gain from this website. In a perfect world, I will keep the website ad-free. I may also attempt to publish some of my work in a lucrative venue; I will post information here about that if it happens. There may come a day when I use advertising or donations to offset the cost of producing the content I produce, but I am dedicated to keeping the experience of this website as simple and distraction-free as possible.

If you are interested in an advertising opportunity, I (at the moment) must respectfully decline. This is a passion project, and I do not want it soiled by the pursuit of financial gain. In some future, I may use a bit of advertising to offset the cost of producing this project, but for now, I will not be making money with this site.