I live in a micropolitan hellscape. There’s no pedestrian access. I take my life in my hands when I bike to work. The city is full of big box stores and cultural nothingness. Despite an ongoing battle between a number of different cultures and communities, there is a sense of neither community nor culture.

But there are random agricultural and industrial areas mixed into neighborhoods. So I took some pictures of it. I hope you enjoy this art gallery.

You can click on any image to embiggen it.

When exploring your suburban dystopia, don’t forget to look up and explore the natural beauty of the skies.

Shame these tracks ruin the driving range’s aesthetic.

Maybe it used to lead to a secret society of woodland creatures.

Sometimes it’s worth sweating the small stuff. This time the small stuff was just gravel.

This way they won’t lose their street lamp.

Rust is a nutritious snack for the local wildlife.

I kind of hate how Instagrammy this one turned out. But I kind of love it.

Some of the only wetlands for hundreds of miles seem like the ideal place for this cute little neighborhood. Great place to raise your kids. HOA fees not included.

These stairs are perfect for the traveler who wants to escape pond life and pursue a career as a hitchhiker.

Neighbors have already complained about the gap in the net. The golfers are not fussed.

You almost forget you’re a 3-minute drive from Walmart.

I hope you enjoyed my art. Actually, I don’t give a shit if you did or didn’t. I had fun making it and I’m done seeking approval from strangers.

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